Register With NSS



The Nursing and Midwifery Council has over 600,000 nurses and midwives on its books and if you want to work in the UK you’ll have to join them. Here’s how …

The NMC is a regulatory body you’ve probably heard of. They set the standards for your education, to make sure you have the right skills and qualities to nurse. They also set out how you will need to work and behave as a practicing nurse or midwife.

It’s actually illegal to work as a nurse or a midwife in the UK without being on the NMC register, so it’s incredibly important that you get this sorted before you go out to practice.

How do I register?

After completion your education, your higher education institute or university will send off your details to the NMC. This will include a declaration of your good health and good character.

Once you are registered with the NMC you can then Contact us to provide you with work.

Please complete the application form on the application tab or send in your CV to