At NSS our success is measured by the quality of support that we provide to Nurses. we offer support through training to nurses who are preparing for exams with intentions of pursuing and international career.

We offer varied training support who are seeking to either write the IELTS, OET or CBT in African countries and across the world. in addition to this we also offer employment advice and guidance to nurses that have benefited from our training programme.

Delivering top-quality services depends on our ability to train and support good staff to health care organisations. A vital part of this is that we support your career progression. We continually invest in learning and development opportunities that are tailored to individuals’ needs.

To assist the health care system in achieving the best value for money, as well as offering assurances on the quality of staff,

Nursing Staffing Solutions (NSS) currently operates training subsidiary registered in  Nigeria and is part of the Nursing staffing solutions registered in England and wales but with separate functions but combined goal.

Its priority is to provide support to Nurses and hospitals.

NSS Exam and training centre is a training organisation based in Nigeria offering training to nurses who are sitting for professional exams to work in the united kingdom and other countries of their choice.

The centre forms a part of Nursing Staffing solutions of which wider operations does not only encompass training but also support with nurses with employment guidance.

Our team are made up qualified clinical trainers based in Nigeria who support these nurses with CBT preparation and in addition English Language teachers who support withe the IELTS and OET exams.

We have fully equipped our facility in Lagos to deliver IELTS, OET, CBT training courses with computers, lockers and high speed internet in place as standard to deliver computer based courses and exam.